High-Performance Parts for Rotating Equipment

ROC Carbon can help you get maximum service life and performance out of your rotating equipment. With premium-quality, after-market seals, bearings, and other parts, made to OEM specifications, and we also make economical, special-dimension parts for machines that have been modified. Our high-performance replacement parts can help maximize the productivity of older, out-of-warranty machines to keep them in service longer. No matter how old your machine is, we can make and stock parts for it.

If you need to improve operating life or modify design parameters to increase efficiency and to meet environmental standards, we can help. We have seen and solved countless seal and bearing problems involving a wide variety of rotating equipment in all kinds of service and operating environments. We solved those problems with parts that are superior to standard OEM replacement parts.

Carbon/graphite applications

In general, ROC Carbon carbon/ graphite seals and bearings are used where extreme operating temperatures and/or corrosive fluids would cause conventional lubricants to decompose, where lubricants would contaminate process fluids, and where equipment design makes conventional lubricating systems too expensive to install and maintain. Nonlubricating applications for which ROC Carbon supplies carbon/graphite grades include electrodes and brazing boats, jigs, and fixtures.

ROC Carbon's high-performance designs often involve modified dimensions or part geometry, and we can furnish entirely new designs to solve difficult problems. In many instances, improved part performance can be achieved simply by substituting a proprietary ROC Carbon material grade for the originally specified material. We have developed a line of specialty carbon/graphite grades matched to specific seal and bearing requirements.

Often, by improving material characteristics and properties, we are able to solve problems to meet your specific needs. For most seal and bearing applications, the carbon is impregnated with a resin, inorganic salt, or other material to provide the desired mechanical, corrosion-resistant, or wear-resistant properties.

Other materials

In addition to carbon/graphite, we manufacture parts from the following high-performance materials:

Other Manufacturing Services

In addition to parts manufacturing, we offer the following stand-alone services:

Fast response

ROC Carbon is set up to make production-run parts as well as one-of-a-kind, small-quantity parts efficiently and economically. That means you can get the extra performance you need at a surprisingly low cost. ROC Carbon also responds quickly to keep your machine downtime as brief as possible. When no engineering is required, we can usually manufacture and ship a part in a matter of a few days or even hours. Of course, if you need a standard replacement part and we have it in our large inventory, we can ship it immediately.

Fast Turnaround

Since our beginning, ROC Carbon's success has been built on fast delivery of critical parts. ROC has a 98 percent on-time delivery record since 1990, including emergency shipments. We respond quickly without sacrificing competitive pricing or the highest level of quality, and we provide one-source accountability to our customers.

Engineering and Technical Services

Our Technical Services Group designs or modifies seals and other parts to meet individual requirements and provides field consultation, installation assistance, and follow-up to assure proper performance. Our recommended solutions are based on years of experience with virtually all makes and types of equipment.

Carbon Graphite Products

Precision abrasive water-jet cutting
Precision abrasive water-jet cutting

CNC machining station
CNC machining station