Water-jet cutting service

Waterjet cutting is a versatile, high-precision cold-cutting process that uses a high-velocity (Mach 2 to Mach 3) stream of water to efficiently cut a wide range of materials, producing parts in a wide range of sizes, down to tiny pieces.

The waterjet with entrained garnet sand cuts stone, concrete, glass and metals, including titanium, stainless steel, Inconel, and ceramics including alumina. Waterjet cutting is ideal for short-run part production, just-in-time manufacturing, tooling, and prototype part development.

Advantages of waterjet cutting

  • Materials can be conserved by nesting parts on the cutting layout
  • Little material loss from cutting
  • No heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses on cut objects
  • Cuts extremely fine details
  • Little or no burr
  • Efficiently cuts extremely hard materials

Technical features

Primary machine features are:

  • Very high precision: ±.003 in. tolerances
  • CNC programmable control
  • Cuts complex flat parts directly from CAD drawings or most image file formats, including jpg, pdf. and tif.
  • XY table with motorized Z axis
  • 55 in. x 55 in. work envelope

Waterjet Cutting